If you vote for this, I will...

2011-05-26 16:29:24 by nal1200

...love you long time!

Little White Doves (nal1200 Remix)

If you vote for this, I will...


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2011-05-26 16:35:10

Very cool! I demand for it to be posted in the audio portal!

nal1200 responds:

We shall see!


2011-05-26 17:54:21

I dont like it, i fucking love it! :3

nal1200 responds:

I don't like it either! :)


2011-05-26 18:06:32

DAMN, your version KICKS ASS!! I just LOVE it :)

When I heard the one temporarily in the 1st Place, I was expecting something really good, way beyond yours (and yours is really incredibly awesome), but I was srsly DISAPPOINTED!! Why the hell isn't your version in the First Place >:(

nal1200 responds:

Lol thanks! A lot of submissions get pounded with user votes (which doesn't necessarily mean they're the best)


2011-05-26 18:38:31

This remix made me jizz in my pants. You have my vote.

nal1200 responds:

Thank you, sir!


2011-05-27 03:05:22

Voted and promoted on facebook. You own me a favour next time.

nal1200 responds:

I own you lot!


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