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Good idea, but falls short

The concept is great and even some of the animation stands out above average. However, some scenes are sub-par and could use minor tweaking in order to improve a great deal (the opening office scene for instance - very rough and not very well drawn.)

The biggest flaw of this is the voice recording. For their purpose, they fit. However, because you recorded this on a dinky mic and did not edit it very well, it becomes very annoying hearing the white noise pop in and out whenever the vocals take place. Thankfully, not very many pops or peaking.

So, 6/10

Minor Problem

The flash was great, but if you watch until after the credits, it replays without any sound.

Perhaps a replay button would fix it? Not sure.

Mc-Victory = Fail

This was obviously a mock-anime, and it worked perfectly. Everything from the shoddy lipsyncing to the incredibly outrageous names of techniques was excellent.


That's a lot of pluses.

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Here's my interpretation

People choose to believe what they want. By interacting with them, you convince them to believe something else. After you switch back and forth, possibly because you decide to believe in something different yourself, people may no longer want to listen to or believe what you say, as you yourself have no defined state of opinion and are just as fickle as anyone else.

Great Everything EXCEPT

There was simply no substance. It was very well polished, but without a true story and goal. It was kind of like an RPG with the role-playing taken out and replaced with a "Gears of War 2" survival challenge.

There was no leveling, either, which surprised me.

And why exactly did the numbers have to be 9999 and 999?

Wouldn't it have been simpler to put smaller numbers and then increase like in normal RPG's?

Just my opinions, other than that, great game.

What a delightful children's cartoon

I suggest adding some music. It doesn't even have to be related. It just gets kind of weird watching tinkerbell get raped in silence. You know how it is.

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Nostalgia runneth over.

Great beat and melody, my friend!

I am so remixing this.

With your permission of course.

Great stuff!

BigRed responds:

Go for it. I didn't do it with a metronome so it might be tricky, but let me know how it goes!

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Nicely done!

I love the color scheme in this. It has that retro cartoonish feel, but seems as if it's been 'polished.'

Great work, keep it up!

Great stuff!

The dialogue is a little hard to read (font and color etc.) but the humor is great!


Cab00se53 responds:

I appreciate it :D

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