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Nostalgia runneth over.

Great beat and melody, my friend!

I am so remixing this.

With your permission of course.

Great stuff!

BigRed responds:

Go for it. I didn't do it with a metronome so it might be tricky, but let me know how it goes!

Nice melody!

5'd, DL'd.

I know this review isn't terribly constructive, but it's a top notch piece :D

No hihats? C'mon!

I was expecting a good funktastic beat to come in about halfway, or atleast some kind of change - but alas, the same kick and snare over and over again. Good concept, but needs work.

BadCommandCo responds:

The kick has a hi-hat on it :D. Seriously, the beat sounds better the way it is.


I'm digging the percussion and melodic riffs here.

Only complaint would be the mastering (especially of the lower end) - the bass 'falls out' and could use a firmer kick as well as some better stereo panning on some of the instruments.

Other than that, this is a pretty sweet track!

p4c responds:

i tried editing in the bass a bit more but it might have been overkill [i dont have good speakers or headfones to mix with haha] tell me if thats good. ill see what i can do with the kick, too, since a guy before me also complained about it haha. thanks for the constructive crit!

You have..

Quite the potty mouth for someone who is believed to be ten years old.

Aside from the unnecessary cursing, your rapping is offbeat, there is an absence of melody, and all of the samples here sound straight from the FL packs.

A word of advice: try and make something as good as you can. Then, set it aside for a couple of days and listen to it again and try to improve on it.

Also, reading up on some music theory wouldn't hurt. A good place to start would be with "Scales," "keys," and "chords."

Hopefully you'll be on the road to improving in no time.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

i have a cool mouth

Smooth and relaxing, but not as melodic enough

Everything here is absolutely perfect except for an absence of a strong melody (atleast imo.)

I do like the kick you mentioned in the description, nicely done!

Anyway, this was a great track. 5'd, downloaded.


This is a nice, happy song!

I could easily see this as BG music in a game or something.

One thing that bugged me though was that the more mono-center instruments were too loud. (Personal preference, though.)

Other than that, nice work!

FairSquare responds:

Thanks for the advice, i'll take a look at the volume levels.
And thanks for the review!


A nice, dark piece you've got here.

I like the gritty feel with the noise in the background and the synths.

Nice job!

I agree with Codomis, keep it as is.

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