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I've been on here for like 8 years. I'm old.

Oh hey

2013-03-16 00:20:26 by nal1200


Epicly epic trailer music

2012-08-25 19:57:06 by nal1200

For you to use in your flashy mabobs, free of charge.

Like me on facebook, brah

2012-04-23 03:23:58 by nal1200

It's what all the cool kids do, I think.

Vote for my remix :D

2012-02-05 18:15:03 by nal1200



Mau5craft - new track!

2011-09-10 11:39:29 by nal1200


If you like electrohouse, deadmau5, or Minecraft, you may like this!

Watch the HD video here!

If you like the song, help support me by purchasing it here!

Thanks to all!

Mau5craft - new track!

Hur hur hur

2011-06-23 13:46:39 by nal1200

Hur hur hur

If you vote for this, I will...

2011-05-26 16:29:24 by nal1200 you long time!

Little White Doves (nal1200 Remix)

If you vote for this, I will...

I am drunk.

2011-04-28 03:27:33 by nal1200

True subject is true.

New news is new

2010-12-18 03:48:55 by nal1200


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