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Very important news!

2009-05-26 03:05:31 by nal1200


Very important news!

Musician for Power of Three Team!

2009-05-14 20:12:13 by nal1200


If you're looking for a dedicated, experienced musician to have on your Power of Three team, look no further! I have over two years of experience and work in a plethora of genres! Below are some select samples of my work. Feel free to contact me via PM or email me at!
Some of the following are out of date and do not reflect current production quality!

Tea and Crumpets
Rough Tone
Kicking Extra Ass (Rock Remix)

Crying Soul (Scratch Rmx)
Circadian Rhythm

Palladio (Trailer Theme)
MAC8 Vivid Illusions
Shallow Grave

Musician for Power of Three Team!

nom nom nom

2009-05-13 10:13:05 by nal1200

I eated my news post.

Project: Music for Flash!

2009-02-02 01:06:56 by nal1200


My laptop has been kind enough to basically kill itself via screen malfunction, so until I can either fix it or get a new system, my music production has been halted indefinitely. The benefit to this is that it requires me to spend more time in the school library, where Adobe Flash is installed (which means more time improving my flash skills.

So until further notice, i'll be working only on Flash. I do, however, have several things I need to submit to the Audio Portal once I can get my laptop back up.


I've made it a personal project to submit a loopable song from as many genres as possible. This idea arose from my experimenting with flash at the University computer lab, and finally realizing the demand for good, loopable material that sort of 'sample' said genres. That being said, all songs are approximately 1 minute in length and sized around 1 MB.

As the songs build up in number, i'll be placing a link for each below. Feel free to use any in your flash projects.

Affliction (DnB Theme)
-For fast-paced action scenes

Anesthesia (Misc Theme)
-For chilled out/lounge menu or background music.

Happy Fun Time Menu Loop
-For up-beat BG menu music!

Palladio (Trailer Theme)
-A remix of Kerry Muzzey's classic trailer theme, perfect for short, intense trailers.


Check out the Electronic EP project "Synthetica!"

You can purchase the album from the iTunes store by clicking here!

Because this is a collaborative effort of many Newgrounds Audio Artists, I strongly encourage you to check out everyone's material. A list of artists is as follows:

SolusLunes (Solus Lotus)
nal1200 ft. LiraLei (Lira Yin)
Quarl (Ruqal)
Envy (~EnV~)
Ethalyn (BeatSource)
SMA (Synthetic Music Apparatus)
Helixmusic (Helix)
F-777 (Jesse Valentine)
Danredda (DaNReD)
Shadow6X6 (Astrix)
Bahdshah (Redmoon Deejay)

I'd like to thank everyone that purchases the EP, and i'd like to put out a special thanks to everyone that's helped promote it.

Be sure to tune in to Radiogrounds as well for some great NG music, as well as much, much more. The DJs there are local users here on NG, and I must say it's by far the best radio station EVAR!

Project: Music for Flash!


2008-10-31 15:33:56 by nal1200

DnB /248801 /266694 /268398 /260348# /269790 /270437 /270814 /270938

Trance /265871 /265199 /267079 /268106 /268629 /269802 /269837 /269909 /270006 /270593 /270871

Ambient /261831 /270407

Dance /266396 /266424 /267803 /262620 /267758 /270088 /270785

Techno /267144 /264706 /233863 /266473 /266536 /248953 /269753

House /267704 /268886 /269301 /269597

Miscellaneous /267956 /270808

Hip-Hop /269610

Electronic EP - Get involved!

2008-09-18 19:13:51 by nal1200

NOTE: This is an organized way to gain money from making music. You will pay NOTHING for the distribution. Before reading this, please scroll down to make sure there is not a revised list of similar format.

What is this Electronic Extended Play you speak of?

It is the idea of a compilation album created to generate both revenue and exposure for the selected artists on said album. If you are at all familiar with the business industry, you'll know it's especially difficult to make a name for yourself when you work alone. This concept will hopefully provide a catalyst for many of the artists on Newgrounds.

Okay, so how exactly does this work?

The big picture is that by combining an assortment of tracks produced by the artists here on Newgrounds, you are actually increasing the likelihood of having your track(s) noticed, compared to going solo. In other words, the more the artists vary, the bigger the fanbase, which in turn provides more listeners for all of the tracks.

So this will be a compilation/various artists album, what would be my responsibilites in this project?

Each artist would submit one (1) selected track for the album, something that relates to electronic music, i.e. Techno, Trance, Dance, Ambient, Industrial, New wave, Drum 'n' Bass, Breakbeat, Miscellaneous etc. Once the tracks are compiled, you have no further obligations. Each artists' pay is discussed below.

Okay, so how much am I paying?

Are you ready? YOU WILL PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That's right. All you will do is submit your track to the compilation and then earn your share profit (discussed below.)

So how is this being setup? How do I make money?

A company I and several other artists are familiar with, Tunecore, will provide the means to distribute the album to digital retailers. From here, their official terms of service will come into play.

I have worked with them for over a year now, so you have my word that the business is honest and fair.

Because I am paying for all launching expenses, I will be signed to the account. When profit is made, the sum TRACKS profit is divided into its respected quantities depending on how many copies YOUR track sold. The remaining profit, the ALBUM profit, will be equally divided amongst each contributer to the album.

The integrity policy is the number one rule here. Everyone is entitled to their own earnings, I am simply the facilitator of said earnings.

What kind of electronic music can I submit?
You can submit anything you like as long as it does not violate copyright laws and is (let's be honest) enjoyable to listen to. For obvious reasons, you cannot submit tracks already existing in the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

So how do signup for this compilation album?

First off, please describe your opinions of this idea in this thread. Then, if you'd like to signup, PM me (nal1200) via Newgrounds with the following information:

Your real name:
The genre you plan to submit:
If you accept Paypal*:
Any other questions or concerns:

* - If you do not have Paypal, understand that when profit is made, I will have to personally mail you your earnings.

Again, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Deadline TBA.

Need artist for EP album cover!

2008-07-06 19:01:07 by nal1200


The Electronic EP being crafted from the audio forum needs artwork for the debuting album covers.



Details? Specs?

600x600 pixel gif, png, or jpeg that carries the theme of "Synthetic music." We have permission to use this picture as a canvas, so you would need to modify the picture if you plan to base your art off of it.

The covers need to have inverse color schemes, one subtitled "Creation," the other subtitled "Destruction." A good place to start is white vs. black. You can be creative.

You will be credited in the liner notes of the album, but as of right now, this is a low budget project so while we cannot pay for your work we extremely appreciate any and all help.

Updated MySpace with Track List - BROTHERHOOD OF BATTLE!

2008-06-07 01:25:47 by nal1200

EDIT: I am taking part in the B.O.B. beta testing, so if you'd like to challenge me, check out Jazza's post and find me on the player section under the name "Sintros" Hope to see you guys there!

EDIT: New album track listing is posted on my page as well, check it!

So recently i've been making a lot of experimental electronic stuff, and Velvet Horizon is one of the first ones i'm willing to submit to MySpace.

Let me know what you guys think, both here on NG and on the MySpace comments section.

You should also add me to your friends if you haven't already!


Mac8 Entry!

2008-05-08 19:41:10 by nal1200

I have submitted a rework of "Vivid Illusions" to the Mac8: Music to Motion!

Please check out the song below, as well as the music synced with the video here!


2008-02-19 00:29:34 by nal1200

Hey everybody!

Websites are great, aren't they? You should check these out: